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Driven by our passion for beautiful design, curiosity for innovation and desire to continually push boundaries.Our Commercial Services sector is a natural product extension that perfectly compliments and reiterates who we are as a company. Inspired by our decades of experience and expertise, we provide opportunities and make the inaccessible, accessible. Our carefully curated selection of products and services are that of quality, luxury, sustainability and connection to create unforgettable experiences.

Allawah Stay
Atlas Commercial Floor Coverings
Allawah is an Aboriginal name meaning make your abode here or remain here.

Allawah Estate located in Mainridge, Peninsula, Victoria is an idyllic airbnb that offers a unique and memorable experience.

In a life that’s so full of digital distractions, sometimes the
best thing you can do for your team and yourself is hit airplane mode. We understand that your day needs to be more than just a sequence of necessary events, there needs to be space for you in there — Space to restore, replenish and reinvigorate.
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Well designed products should speak for themselves. We believe that its message conveys an important role of communicating the ideas of architect and designer and should satisfy our appetite for aesthetic perfection. 

The Atlas Coverings is a proud story, one of design, quality and family – its sole purpose is based on a simple belief that well designed products should be accessible for all and should always surpass their intended use. Our selective range is for those who want to make a bold statement and create memorable experiences to compliment their designed spaces.

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