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Renowned as one of Victoria’s most respected residential and commercial builders, Rossi Constructions delivers the best-in-class construction, refurbishment and building services. 

Our team holds impeccable attention to detail, accountability and are dedicated to deliver high end quality construction that is innovative, design-orientated and stand the test of time.

We create holistically to ensure there is a seamless relationship between all aspects of the building’s design and function.
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Commercial Eatery.
637 High St, Northcote 3070
An exceptional design that respectfully pays homage to the external art deco facade whilst internally restoring the existing shop to its original form. Cathedral ceilings and exposed trusses and brick work eloquently align with Northcote’s aesthetic and buzzing atmosphere.
Our Portfolio.
Recent builds.
Our Portfolio.
Our Portfolio.
Commercial Eatery.
An exceptional design that respectfully pays homage to the external art deco facade. (Learn More)
Clifton Hill House.
Intelligent design and an impeccable build create impressionable living spaces. (Learn More)
Separation St.
Creative architecture and design challenged us to utilise every space of the smaller allotment. (Learn More)
TimeOut Educare.
The design and concept to create a calming ambience was achieved through the varied use of materials. (Learn More)
Sweet Salt.
Smart design transforming a small space to an advantageous food and beverage outlet. (Learn More)